is committed to providing one-stop accessibility for consumers in need of automotive knowledge, direction, and expertise. We aim to educate and assist consumers in making intelligent, unbiased, and logical automotive choices that meet their needs of operation, as well as locate, purchase, and deliver these vehicles, if needed.

These are great times for automotive consumers. The wealth of choices available to any one buyer is almost mind-boggling. Unfortunately, for many, that is exactly what the automobile purchasing process is. The fact is that there are literally hundreds of possibilities – seating arrangements, on/off-road capabilities, powertrain options, and technology packages – all of which should be considered BEFORE you even visit a dealership. If any of this sounds familiar, AutoAcademics can help.

It is a researched fact that people who use the Internet during their car buying process save money. "In car retailing, for example, [Florian] Zettelmeyer, [Fiona] Scott Morton, and [Jorge] Silva-Risso (2005) show that new vehicle buyers who use the Internet pay 2.2% less for their car than those who do not use it, a savings of $500 on the average car.”1 The fact that you are here reinforces the notion that you are already aware of this. Unlike the Internet, however, AutoAcademics can assist in direct negotiations for your vehicle.2

1Journal of Marketing Research
Vol. XLIII (May 2006), 168–181

2Service available with Doctorate package.

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